Hope Lynes is a multi-skilled radio professional based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Current roles:

Radio Presenter at Kerrang! Radio Saturday's and Sunday's 2-5pm

Head of Programming at Slack's Radio

Head of Regional (North) at The Student Music Network

Former Roles:

Head of Specialist Music at Spark Sunderland (2022/2023)

North East Regional Officer, Audio Editor and Interviewer at The Student Music Network (2022/2023)

Chart Officer at The Student Radio Association (2021/2022)

NARC. Academy Trainee Music Journalist at NARC. Magazine (2021/2022) Youth Music Funded Programme

Head of Music at Newcastle Student Radio (2020/2021)


Nominated for Young Person of the Year at the Community Radio Awards 2023.

Nominated for Youth Music Rising Star (Industry) Award 2022

Winner of Outstanding Contribution to NSR Award 2021

I am a member of The Digital Incubator, a business incubator, at the University of Sunderland.

I'm currently open to freelance media opportunities!

Please get in touch and lets chat over a virtual coffee about working for you as a freelance producer, programmer, presenter, audio editor, interviewer, or content creator! 

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A New Age Of Riot Grrrl Documentary

Hope Lynes explores how the Riot Grrrl movement has inspired alternative female artists and translated into an inclusive resurgence that embraces all identities. Featuring interviews with modern-day Riot Grrrl artists, music industry professionals, and organisations with a Riot Grrrl ethos, this programme considers what the movement looks like today in both alternative rock music and the wider music community. Backed with a soundtrack of incredible artists embracing this new wave of activism in

Record Resurgence: Vinyl-Only Radio

Hope Lynes discovers why residents on internet and community radio stations are once again turning to vinyl record collections to DJ with, reigniting the literal ‘disc-jockey’. Vinyl Records used to be the sole contributor to music broadcast on the radio. In this digital age, the relevance of the record has subsided. Yet, some DJ’s are still finding the passion for vinyl and continuing to curate radio shows and DJ sets out of physical record collections. This programme discusses with a range of

NARC. Mini-Doc #2 – North East Cultural Activism

This documentary speaks to local activist groups in the music industry and culture scene to find out why people are driven to fight back and speak out on subjects they’re passionate about. With an aim of inspiring the next generation, each activist gives their advice on how you can put a cause you are passionate about in the local scene into action. Hope Lynes spoke to Phil Douglas from LGBTQIA+ organisation Curious Arts; grassroots promoter Hana Harrison from Art Mouse; Tracks' Sarah Wilson, who campaigns for better female representation in the music scene with her project Noisy Daughters; Chantal Herbert from feminist Black and queer-led organisation Sister Shack; and disability activist and musician Ruth Lyon. It’s hoped that this intimate and personal documentary will explore the starting points to beginning your own activism. This is an Art Mouse film for NARC. TV, written and directed by Hope Lynes.

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